Arthritis Treatment, Monroe LA

Looking for arthritis treatment in Monroe, Louisiana?

Our providers at Affinity Health Group can diagnose and provide treatment for arthritis. Based in Monroe, Louisiana, our Affinity clinics work with patients to provide treatment for symptoms of arthritis including joint pain, swelling, and stiffness.

Treatments for arthritis can vary from medications, therapy, and occasionally surgery. Talk to a provider to find an arthritis treatment plan that works best for you. Also, know the risk factors that increase your chances of developing arthritis like age, injuries, and genetics.

Affinity Health Group Orthopedics clinics in Monroe, Louisiana can assist you in the diagnosis and treatment of arthritis. We have two locations in Monroe to provide medical expertise using advanced technology to deliver specialized, compassionate care.

Call us today to find an arthritis treatment plan that works for you!

Affinity Orthopedic Office
2516 Broadmoor Blvd.
Monroe, LA 71201
Call (318) 807-4746


Oliver Road Orthopedic Clinic
920 Oliver Road
Monroe, LA 71201
Call (318) 807-4713