Logos & Style Guide - Affinity Health Group

Logos & Style Guide - Affinity Health Group

The following information contained in this style guide covers the corporate brand and visual identity requirements for Affinity Health Group available for public release. Correct logo usage is important to how our brand is communicated. We ask that our guidelines be followed to keep our brand consistency across all mediums. The logo should not be altered in any way without express permission from the Affinity Media & Productions Team and is only for use on approved projects. If you have any comments or questions, please fill out our online contact form.

How to Use Our Logo & Content

The following Standards Guide will assist in correct usage of logos, colors, fonts and verbiage used by Affinity:

Raster Logo Files

The following downloads contain non-vector or "raster" files. These files are good for all general content. PNG files have transparency if placing on a colored background.

JPEG - Blue Affinity Logo

PNG - Blue Affinity Logo

PNG - White Affinity Logo

PNG - Black Affinity Logo

Vector Logo Files

The following downloads contain vector files. These files are generally used by professional printers or when vector graphics are needed on a website.

EPS - Blue Affinity Logo

EPS - White Affinity Logo

EPS - Black Affinity Logo

SVG - Blue Affinity Logo

SVG - White Affinity Logo

SVG - Black Affinity Logo