Affinity Specialty Lab

The Affinity Specialty Lab provides state-of-the-art laboratory services for all Affinity Health Group providers. After the orders are placed by Affinity providers, they are transmitted to the laboratory through our mutual Electronic Health Records system, ensuring fast, friendly service for Affinity patients. **Please note: Affinity Specialty Lab cannot accept written orders from providers outside of Affinity Health Group.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need an appointment?

No appointments are necessary to have your blood drawn.

How long will it take to get my blood drawn?

As long as your provider has entered your lab orders into the computer system, it should not take very long to get your blood drawn.

Do I need to be fasting to have my blood drawn?

This depends on the test. Some tests require you to be fasting, but others do not. Please ask your provider if you need to be fasting.

How do I get my lab results?

All lab results will be sent back to the ordering provider electronically through the Electronic Health Records system. The laboratory is not able to release results to patients. Please call the provider’s office about your results.

How soon will my results be available?

Most lab tests are run the day they are drawn and sent to the ordering provider as soon as they are completed. However, it may take the provider a day or two to review your results.Specialty tests that are sent out to a reference lab to be run may take several days to completed. These will also be sent electronically to the provider when they are completed.

Can my results be faxed to another physician?

If you need your results faxed to another physician outside of Affinity Health Group, you can ask your ordering provider’s office to send your results. If the other physician is an Affinity Health Group physician, the results will not have to be faxed because they have the same Electronic Health Records system.

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