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Our Services

Wellness Services at Affinity Health Management Center (HMC) provides a comprehensive approach to overall health and fitness. Whether you are struggling with controlled chronic health conditions or trying to learn healthy habits, Affinity Wellness can create a plan for you.

Exercise Physiology

Our Exercise Physiologists aim exercise programs toward improving a patient’s overall health and specific conditions, while also focusing on incorporating functional exercises to improve mobility and activities of daily living. Each plan takes the individual patient’s needs into account along with any barriers in the way of their best health.

We prescribe specialized exercise programs for pediatric patients, return-to-sport athletes, and individuals in need of home-based exercises.

Our team helps with goal-setting, diet management, and exercise plans to give patients the confidence they need to gain and keep control of their health.

Every exercise we provide is carefully explained and demonstrated, so patients never feel unsupported, and we provide any needed follow-ups for continued care and assistance.

Take Charge of Your Health

One of Affinity’s driving principles is that we do not simply wait for health problems to occur, but actively participate in and watch our health before it becomes a problem. Our Wellness team is dedicated to helping you set goals and achieve them, never settling for less than what you know you can do.

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