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Please call the office today at (318) 807-1500 to schedule an appointment or visit us at 1325 Louisville Ave., Monroe, LA 71201.

Why Choose Affinity?

Affinity Health Group (Affinity), strives to be a healthcare innovator by proactively seeking opportunities to improve the quality of healthcare while balancing the cost of that care.

Affinity is committed to service, patient satisfaction, healthy solutions, and long-term wellness of patients.

Patients who choose Affinity Therapy Services benefit from private treatment rooms, accommodating scheduling, and customized care by licensed professionals.

Our therapy programs can help avoid surgery, reduce injury risk, prevent falls, improve balance, reduce and manage pain, restore function, and prevent disability in order to achieve long-term health benefits.

At Affinity, we offer treatment with a licensed therapist, and each patient is given a home exercise program in order to achieve optimal results.

Therapy Options

Physical Therapy (PT) – helps individuals who have lost function, strength, and range of motion as a result of illness, injury, or developmental disability. Our licensed physical therapists offer a variety of PT treatment programs.

Occupational Therapy (OT) – helps individuals regain their independence in order to allow them to live productive, satisfying lives while completing the normal activities of daily living. OT also addresses improving strength and reducing pain in the upper extremities.

Lymphedema Therapy – helps treat complications associated with edema (or swelling). Lymphedema therapy can provide a safe, reliable, and non-invasive approach to manage swelling and decrease the risk of infection, disability, or other serious conditions. Lymphedema therapy is provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist certified in manual lymph drainage and complete decongestive therapy.

Affinity Health Group offers treatment and therapy for:

  • arthritis
  • back pain
  • chronic or acute pain
  • edema (swelling)
  • injury after an accident
  • joint pain
  • loss of strength
  • osteoporosis
  • post-surgical
  • posture education
  • sports injuries
  • stroke

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