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What is Industrial Medicine?

According to the industry-wide definition, Industrial and Occupational Medicine is any service that an employer provides to their employees as it pertains to functional abilities of employment. We provide:

  • Testing to place the new employee into the workforce
  • Services to treat a work-related injury once in the workforce
  • Services to return the employee to the workforce after an illness or work-related injury
  • Employee Health Services such as wellness education, flu shots, and general health guidance

At Affinity Industrial Medicine (AIM), we know that a healthy employee is a safe employee. That is why AIM works with you, the employer, to put the right employees into your workforce. AIM tests to make sure that the employee can functionally do the job you need them to do. We can test to certify that drug and alcohol use is eradicated from your work force. If there is a work-related injury, we are the experts in conservatively addressing the injury needs while keeping the employer in touch with the care. We know which treatments make it OSHA recordable, and we know what lost time can do to your company’s bottom line. We understand the full scope of these issues better than the ER or a family doctor, so trust us to get your employee back on track.

AIM has the expertise to examine your employees before they work for you, and can also treat injuries that occur and immediately address return-to-work activities.


Affinity Industrial Medicine is the employer’s number one choice for quality industrial care. The benefits of choosing Affinity Industrial Medicine include:

  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff with over 60 years of combined occupational and industrial medicine clinic experience
  • Quick, efficient service
  • Area's only provider with Occupational Therapy, Orthopedics, and Neurosurgery experience
  • One of Monroe’s only Licensed Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (LRC) on staff
  • OSHA compliance experts
  • Workers’ Compensation experts
  • Fully Electronic Medical Records
  • Electronic Billing
  • Large vehicle parking
  • Affinity provider networking
  • Affinity Walk-In Clinic


Affinity Industrial Medicine (AIM) Forms

General Forms

General Forms – Spanish


Drug & Alcohol Testing

  • Urine drug screens (including DOT)
  • Breath alcohol testing (including DOT)
  • Hair drug screens
  • Urine quick tests

On-Site Services

  • Random drug & alcohol testing (including DOT)
  • Audio
  • Work Place Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Flu treatment and immunization
  • Vaccines: work, school, & travel


  • New Hire physicals
  • DOT/CDL – Federal Motor Carrier approved provider
  • Asbestos exam
  • Hazardous Material
  • OSHA Respirator
  • Coast Guard
  • LHSAA (athletic physical)
  • Return to work
  • Fitness for duty
  • Audio – OSHA compliant
  • Vision


  • Initial injury evaluation and treatment
  • Follow-up care
  • Laceration repairs
  • On-site X-ray and Pharmacy
  • Physical & Occupational Therapy
  • Workers Compensation law guidance
  • OSHA recordable compliance
  • After-hours care at our Affinity Walk-In Clinic

Why You Should Choose Affinity Industrial Medicine

Workers' Compensation Treatment

Affinity Industrial Medicine leads the area in workers’ compensation services. We specialize in treatment of work-related injuries no matter the severity.

Unlike the ER or even a family practice clinic, our professionals at AIM know what it takes to treat an employee so that they can return to work as soon as possible. The ER or family physician may know how to treat the injury with the best care affordable, but they may not understand the importance of addressing the return-to-work status. AIM can treat your workers with the same professional standard care, faster and less expensively than the ER or a private doctor, and we address return-to-work issues immediately.

The AIM staff is trained to identify OSHA recordables (i.e. anything that is done in the treatment process that requires the employers to report it to OSHA) as well as how to address them. We attend to these issues efficiently to reduce lost time, limited work-duty days, and OSHA recordables.

Help with your Hires!

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) strictly guards against discriminating against any potential new hire based on presumed deficiencies. However, labor laws allow for physical testing to make sure the person you want to hire can functionally perform the job requirements.

Affinity Industrial Medicine leads the industry in providing functional testing to ensure that your new hire can perform required job duties safely. Our trained Occupational Therapist functionally tests the potential employee against your job description to make certain they can do the job. If they cannot perform the essential job functions of a job class, then you do not have to hire them. ADA and labor law will accept this reason for not hiring an applicant. One wrong hire can cost an organization thousands of dollars should the employee get injured doing a job they could not perform in the first place.

Let us make the decision for you. We help you put the best employees into your workforce for a safer and happier company.

Why Drug Screen?

The Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 initially began the drug testing allowances for employers to ensure safe working environments at work sites. Today the Act covers all forms of worksite environments and allows for employers to test employees as new hires and at time of accidents or incidents. Drug testing is also allowed at random or because of reasonable suspicion.

Drug testing proves that your organization is doing all it can to verify that employees are not endangering themselves or others by working with any chemical impairment.

Louisiana Workers’ Compensation clearly states that a post-accident drug screen can be done at the time of treatment. If an employee tests positive for any illegal substance, the employer may be excluded from paying for future medical treatment of that employee. AIM offers the ability to perform a certified random test to ensure that your workplace stays drug- and alcohol-free.

Drug and Alcohol testing policies can also be designed to fit your organization’s needs. We highly recommend instituting a random drug test policy as well as a post-accident screening. Contact AIM for more information on creating an effective testing policy for your company.

All AIM drug and alcohol specimen collectors are Department of Transportation (DOT) certified and trained.

AIM uses only Federally Certified labs and Medical Review Officer (MRO) services to ensure your testing is compliant.

Getting Your Employees Back to Work!

Affinity Industrial Medicine is your source for treating and addressing your employee’s return-to-work ability after a private health or injury recovery.

Our trained Therapists can provide a functional ability test to confirm that the employee is safe to return to his/her pre-illness or injury job. We use the employee’s written job description which you provide to test the employee’s ability to do the essential job functions you need from them.

Healthy Workforce

For the continued health of your workforce, we also provide general Employee Health Care services.

The Affinity Health Group staff can assist employees with eating and exercise habits to help them live healthy lives, leading to a safer workforce.

Whether it’s diet, exercise, flu shots, health screenings, heat-exposure education, or general health guidance, we can help!

Avoid the Emergency Room

Another benefit of using Affinity Industrial Medicine is our Affinity Walk-In Clinic. The Affinity Walk-In Clinic is open every day of the week, providing availability to treat after-hours and on weekends for work-related injuries. The Affinity Walk-In Clinic then electronically refers the injured workers’ follow-up care, if needed, to the AIM clinic for seamless continuity of care.

In addition to treating your employee work-related injuries after hours, the Affinity Walk-In Clinic will gladly address any private pay health-related issues your employees and covered dependents might have.

Together, Affinity Industrial Medicine and the Affinity Walk-In Clinic have you covered!

Meet the Staff

Photo of James (Jim) Livigni, Industrial Medicine Services Coordinator

James (Jim) Livigni

Industrial Medicine Services Coordinator

Photo of Roger Wilson, Physician Assistant

Roger Wilson

Physician Assistant