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The Heart Clinic

The accomplished physicians at The Heart Clinic treat all major heart conditions, including coronary and peripheral artery diseases, congestive heart failure, and heart valve problems. Our experienced specialists can insert heart catheters, recorders, monitors, and pacemakers with minimally invasive surgical procedures to cure heart rhythm abnormalities. Don’t let a heart condition slow you down. Call Affinity Cardiology and start living your best life today!

2516 Broadmoor Blvd , Monroe, LA  71201
Fax: 3183229313
Mon-Thu: 8 am - 5 pm; Fri: 8 am - 12 pm


Miles + ' ' + Hilbun, Cardiologist

Miles Hilbun


Ross + ' ' + Smith, Cardiologist

Ross Smith


Nurse Practitioners

Nicole "Nikki" + ' ' + Fuller, Nurse Practitioner

Nicole "Nikki" Fuller

Nurse Practitioner

Renee + ' ' + Huggins, Nurse Practitioner

Renee Huggins

Nurse Practitioner

Anthony + ' ' + Perkins, Nurse Practitioner

Anthony Perkins

Nurse Practitioner