Affinity CareNotify™

About Affinity CareNotify™

Stay Informed right on your smartphone with texts from Affinity CareNotify™!

Affinity CareNotify™ is designed to inform you about your care through appointment reminders, provider communication, surveys and more. Please provide your cellphone number and email to the receptionist to receive a message from Affinity CareNotify™.

Stay tuned for additional features coming soon!

  • Mobile Check-In
  • Post Care Notifications
  • Personalized Education
  • And More!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareNotify™?

CareNotify™ is a system to keep you informed about your care and staying healthy. CareNotify™ includes capabilities for direct communication to patients via text or email.

Do I need to download an application to use CareNotify™?

No. You may receive CareNotify™ messages without using an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You simply need an Internet connection.

Is there a fee to use CareNotify™?

There is no fee to use CareNotify™. It is absolutely free! We provide this service to help you be a healthier, more informed patient. Please note standard text messaging rates (from your mobile phone provider) may apply; however, you can opt out from receiving messages at any time by replying STOP to the text message.

Who receives communications from CareNotify™?

If you provided a smartphone number when you prompted at your appointment or hospital admittance (or Affinity Health Group has your smartphone number on file), you will receive a text message from CareNotify™. If you provided an email address rather than a smartphone number, you will receive an email instead of a text message. CareNotify™ is also equipped to provide secure information via voice message (IVR- interactive voice response) if you prefer audio reminders

When will CareNotify™ communicate with me?

You will receive a welcome message when you first provide your smartphone number or email address. A text message or email will be sent after you are discharged or after your appointment, typically within 36 hours. CareNotify™ will also contact you a few days before your appointments to remind you of your scheduled time and date.

What kind of information will CareNotify™ share with me?

Whether you are facing a hospital stay or a medical appointment, we want you to have easy access to information related to your visit. Text or email messages you receive from CareNotify™ will include appointment reminders and satisfaction surveys.

Is the information I view from the link secure?

CareNotify™ is compliant with federal and state laws pertaining to your privacy. Your health information is treated with the same privacy consideration as health information distributed in other formats.

How long will my information be available through a CareNotify™ link?

Text/email links expire 96 hours after you receive the FIRST text message. After the 96-hour window, you can contact Affinity’s Patient Services Department to request health records.

I have more questions!

For other questions, please call our designated toll-free support line at 1-855-624-2844 to speak with one of our helpful patient service representatives.